14 - 17 September 2024

interzum SEA Showcase Jakarta, Indonesia

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Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo

The interzumSEA showcase is set to make its ​debut at IFFINA-INDONESIA MEUBEL & DESIGN ​EXPO, held from 14-17 September 2024 in ​Jakarta, Indonesia.

An interzum showcase at the Heart of IFFINA

Tailored specifically for the dynamic South East Asian market, ​interzum SEA Showcase invites you to discover the latest ​trends, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking ​solutions within the realms of furniture production, woodworking ​machinery, and interior design industries.
The interzum SEA showcase is set to make its debut at ​IFFINA-INDONESIA MEUBEL & DESIGN EXPO, held from 14-17 ​September 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

IFFINA Floor Plan

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Why South East Asia

Growing Market Demand

The region is experiencing a remarkable economic ​and urban development, driving a growing demand for ​high-quality furniture and innovative interior solutions.

Sustainability Focus

South East Asia is placing a growing emphasis on ​sustainability, aligning with the values promoted by ​the furniture production and interior design industries. ​This creates an ideal environment for companies with ​eco-friendly and innovative solutions.

interzum showcase @ IFFINA

The interzum showcase is set to make its ​debut at IFFINA-INDONESIA MEUBEL & DESIGN ​EXPO, held from 14-17 September 2024 in ​Jakarta, Indonesia.

IFFINA Hall Plan
Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) ​is close to all city center facilities, ​attractions, and easily accessible ​with a range of travel options
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interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and ​interior design. This is where the most important business is conducted and ​momentum for the global furniture supply industry is created. Genuine ​product innovations, groundbreaking technology and revolutionary material ​solutions are presented in impressive showcases at the world’s largest ​event for the sector. The next interzum is taking place 20-23 May 2025. ​More information can be found here.

In addition, interzum supports its exhibitors in opening up new markets and ​expanding their business through other trade shows worldwide. The ​international interzum brand family includes interzum guangzhou in China, ​interzum bogota in Colombia and the newly launched interzum forum italy ​in Italy. You can find more details about the trade fairs here.

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Indonesian Furniture Industry & Handicraft Association

PT. Mahala Imaji Kreasi